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Fireworks Made in Italy
Our Company
Founded around the 1950′s, Pirotecnica San Pio boasts a two generation experience combined with the enthusiasm and innovative spirit that have always set them apart and allows them to have a different outlook on the future.

The company specializes in the production and sale of high-level pyrotechnics, always attentive to the search for new effects and favoring the intensity and vivacity of the colors used as added value.
All of this, in a context of total safety according to current regulations.
Only fireworks made in Italy.
We are suppliers to numerous national and international pyrotechnic companies and our main customer is Pyroemotions Ltd whose Pyrodesigner, Andrea Scarpato, is known worldwide.
All the single shots used to create Pyroemotions′ fireworks shows, which have illuminated the skies of the world in recent years, are entirely produced by us and are the result of a continuous evolution in the creation of an extremely complex choreographic design.
In addition to manufacturing pyrotechnic products, we also produce Traditional and Piromusical fireworks events, using Pyrodigit technology, one of the most advanced computerized systems on the market.

The key to our success is to offer maximum quality and originality, fundamental both for the sale of our continuously evolving product and in the design of a fireworks event.
Our Production Line
A modern factory of new conception where every stage of the creation process is monitored and rechecked until reaching an optimal level of quality in accordance with our strict standards.
Tests such as combustion, smoke emissions, color intensity, and light duration are carried out at our headquarters to obtain spectacular fireworks in any of our products.
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